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1. Ventilators

* ICU Ventilators
Your Partner in Ventilation

Ventilators for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) gives emergency teams the confidence of knowing they have a ventilator that will work for 100% of their cases in the most challenging circumstances.
Small, light and with 12 hours of swappable battery power, Flight 60 is a robust, self-contained unit with one-click ventilation designed specifically for emergency situations.
Flight 60

Flight 60

Key Features of F60 Ventilator
Safe, Intuitive and Mobile
  • 12 hours internal battery
  • Extensive alarm system
  • Exhaled volume monitoring
  • Integrated O2 sensor with in-use calibration
  • Simple to use with 7” color touch screen
  • Lightweight & portable – 6.3 kg

Advanced Monitoring:
* Trends – display up to 72 hours
* Lung Mechanics including Plateau Pressure
Full Ventilation Package
Advanced ventilation modes:

* Pressure and Volume
* Volume Guarantee mode
* Bi-Level – Invasive & non-invasive

  • Pediatric to adult – 30 ml – 2.2 liter
  • Backup ventilation
  • 5 programmable pre-sets
  • Telemedicine ready

Flight 60 iO2

The highly versatile ventilator is suitable for both bedside and ambulatory care and patients ranging from pediatric to adult, while its advanced ventilation modes meet all ventilation requirements – from intensive care on down.

ICU Features in a Transportable Ventilator F60iO2
Powerful Ventilation
* Pressure control up to 80cmH2O
* PEEP up to 40cmH2O

Integrated Nebulizer Port
* Synchronized
* Volume Compensated

  • Extensive alarm system
  • Exhaled volume monitoring
  • Integrated O2 sensor with in-use calibration

Ease of Use
* Quick Start Menu
* 1” Touch Screen
* 1 Screen Technology – no drill down menus

Unique Weaning Mode
* MVG with Trigger Delay
* Volume Guarantee with adjustable backup ventilation – better weaning (less interactions)
* Adaptive PSV (lower PIP for equal volume) – improved patient comfort
Advanced ventilation modes
* Pressure, Volume and PRVC Volume Guarantee modes
* Bi-Level (ARPV) for lung protection strategy
* Pediatric to adult – 30 ml – 2.2 liter
* Backup ventilation

Intra-Hospital Transport
* Easily detaches and moves with patients
* Standard 12-hour batter
* Mobile stand with quick-release
* Compact and light-weights

Advanced Monitoring
* 72 hrs trends with adjustable scale
* PV and FV loops
* Lung Mechanics
* Static/dynamic Compliance
* Resistance
* Plateau Pressure
* Auto PEEP

2. Spirometers



The ALPHA Touch is the latest addition to the ALPHA family of spirometers from Vitalograph. The ALPHA Touch delivers precision spirometry plus printing and PC connectivity for those who require powerful capability combined with ease of use.

The portable ALPHA Touch features the world class Fleisch Pneumotach for unparalleled robustness and reliability. This high performing technology is complemented by an icon driven menu and a large bright high resolution display, plus an in-built printer, a full day’s battery life and storage for 10,000 subjects.

3. Pulse oxymeter

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4. Suction machine

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