Maintenance Of MGPS System


  • Helix has rich experience in installation of medical gas pipeline systems and accessories throughout Karnataka at private and Government hospitals.
  • Established since 1994, Helix MGPS has been recognized for their “customer first” attitude which has manifested in repeat orders.
  • Helix was the first to actively promote and insist on usage of double lock gas outlets which although are expensive to begin with save the hospital a lot money on wasted oxygen and constant repairs and make away with out-dated technology of ordinary self-sealing valves at the terminals in the Government hospitals in Karnataka.
  • We at Helix keep abreast of the knowledge and technology in our field and have full access to the latest HTM manuals and consultants in this line.
  • Our products sourced and our vendors are some of the best in the industry. Quality – No compromise.
  • The CEO at Helix is also a member of ASHE (American Society for Healthcare Engineering) membership Number 0008132611 which is a testimony of our reach to technical knowhow and our keenness in implementing the same.
  • Our work and our products have also been appreciated by a good number of hospitals in the private sector.
  • Our Mission – To provide quality work and ensure safety at hospitals in MGPS by using safe and quality products in our work to help the Government hospitals in their endeavor to provide quality care.
We are ISO 13485:2003 Certified.


Our team is available for any service support after installation. The nature of work we will be doing during the CMC period and frequency is as shown below.

Sl. No Nature of PMC Frequency Material used
1 Check & Replace washers in Ward suction and theatre suction
  • Yearly
2 Control panel Diaphragm check and replace
  • Yearly
3 Compressor maintenance – change of kit needed
  • Yearly
Maintenance kit
4 N R V Check and replace
  • Yearly
5 Check Individual outlets for leak / replace O ring if needed
  • Yearly
O rings
6 Check all Alarm units for working change seating if needed
  • Yearly
Teflon seat
7 Tail pipe connections
  • Yearly /
half yearly
Cu Pipes
8 Pressure lines for any blockages
  • Half Yearly
9 Check flow meter knobs if any missing to replace
  • Half yearly
10 Compressor change of oil
  • Quarterly
Recommended oil by manufacturer