Training & Education
[BMTG - Biomedical Training Group]

Biomedical Training Group Associates are a group of industry experts who have already demonstrated their acumen in the industry and have a proven track record. They also possess a sincere intent to educate and share their knowledge. BMTG is supported by clinicians of high calibre and experience.


  • To continuously conduct knowledge sharing programs in order to impart state of the art knowledge as well firm up foundations & essential principles, related to the working and performance of equipments.
  • To simulate practical hands-on training programs that create the environment for Quality Learning and better understanding of bio-medical equipment
  • To encourage students to self-evaluate their knowledge through drills that improve their confidence to a higher level so that they outshine themselves
  • Driven by the Vision to achieve its Mission, BMTG will primarily focus on Methodical Quality Education and Training Programmes for its participants to achieve excellence in essential theoretical and practical knowledge
  • It is our pleasure to inform you that we now offer the following specialized courses through our training division - Biomedical Training Group.