Trident TBAS Medical Air Dryers

Trident TBAS Medical Air Dryers

Medical Breathing Air Dryer with dew point sensor and breathing air filter.


  1. Hospitals.
  2. Rescue Operations.
  3. Compressed air systems at hospitals.


The TBAS medical dryers operate with the principle of pressure swing adsorption, hence removes more moisture than refrigeration air dryers, and it delivers moisture free dry air consistently irrespective of flow variation, subsequently filled with breathing air filtering system.

TBAS Outstanding


  • Guaranteed dew point performance.
  • No refrigerants used
  • Desiccant immobilized to eliminate dusting.
  • Design simplicity.
  • Purge saving control.
  • CO & Dewpoint monitor.
  • Air quality mandated by NFPA 99.


  • Alarms: Compact digital carbon monoxide (CO) monitor, Dew point monitor. If the set value exceeds the standard value, it will give the alarm in the front panel.
  • Purge saving:
    • ‚ÄčManual Purge economiser.
    • Dewpoint sensor for automatic purge control.
  • Construction: Corrosion free aluminium towers and blocks. All pipeline are in SS/Copper.
  • Display: LED indication for tower operation and sequence of operations.
  • Easy Integration: Easy installation and integration with existing equipment: All system tie-in points are on one side.
  • Safe: Heavy-duty adsorption vessels, designed and certified for an unlimited number of cyclic loads.
  • Customization: An extended list of options allow you to define your specific Trident Twin-Tower PSA breathing air dryer adjusted to your individual need.

The TBAS series breathing air dryer meets/exceeds the breathing air standards below

Breathing Air Quality:

  • NFPA99
  • OSHA : Grade D
  • European Pharmacopoeia
  • IS/ISO 7396

Statement of conformity for Dryer and Filter

  • ISO 8573 Class - 2 : Outlet air quality 
  • 97 / 23 / CE : Pressure Directive 
  • 89 / 392 / CEE : Machinery Directive 
  • 73 / 23 / CEE : Low Voltage 
  • CRN